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i-cubed offers enterprise geospatial data and information management solutions for commercial and government clients, including defense and C4ISR implementations. Our services and applications leverage Earth imagery, map data, and rich geospatial media from ground and low altitude, large-area data collection missions. 

Uses include visualization, exploration and engineering applications, as well as environmental and critical infrastructure monitoring of transportation and energy transmission corridors.

We offer a full range of products and services including imagery, custom processing, analysis and distribution. We also provide image archive management and geospatial multimedia dissemination systems through our DataDoors™ geoCMS and GAME™ geoMedia platforms for customers who want to discover new data, or need to manage existing data collections.

i-cubed also maintains one of the most capable and effective programing teams in the geospatial industry. If you have an idea or challenge, we are here to assist you in developing a solution. 

Learn more by browsing our website or give us a call at +1.800.472.8328 or +1.970.482.4400.

  • The synergy between the imagery and the software is in the metadata, and that’s what i-cubed captures and manages so effectively.
  • i-cubed provides a worldwide platform for our mapping products....combining unparalleled overhead satellite imagery to ground-based data.
  • We wouldn't be successful here at home and deployed without the hard work and dedication you all demonstrate by supporting us.




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